3 Reasons Why Spectacular Moms Will Never Just Work MLMs

Since an encounter a few weeks ago, I’ve had a lot to think about and its taken me a few weeks to put together my thoughts.  I want to start off by saying to you one thing: Spectacular moms will never just work MLMs. It is that simple, and that is the absolute simplest way to put it.


Spectacular Moms Will NEVER, Just Work MLMs

I grew up in a home with a working mom and a working dad. My mom was a science teacher, but a spectacular one: while she did work outside the home, she arrived home with us — me and my twin brother — every day after school, had all of our vacations off with us, spent every holiday with us, and spent all summer with us. My dad, well…. I didn’t really know what he did. He sat in an office (he was a chemist). On the rare occasions my brother and I were able to visit, his boss and secretary loved us and my mom! We loved visiting him. If we went anywhere near the plant we had to wear tennis shoes, eye goggles, and ear muffs. Then one day, he got moved upstairs into the nicer offices — I guess higher on the totem pole of corporate America — and we stopping having to wear the awesome goggles and instead got to spin in his chair– around and around and around. He was always home with us, too.

Now that I’m a grown up with a life of my own, I realize how fortunate I was to always have my parents home with me for holidays, sporting events, and bedtime prayers. My family all gets to be together too; but, for the past two years, I’ve been a stay at home mom. A month ago, Josh (and I) joined a network marketing company (I plan to write a post about why we splurged on it and why you should too!).  A month ago, I had no idea how my world was literally about to flip upside down. A month ago, I was ignorant to life!

So let me repeat this to you: Spectacular Moms, I’m not talking about ordinary moms or crappy moms (yeah, they exist too) or great moms or scared moms or sick moms or healthy moms or white moms or black moms or whatever kind of mom you can think of, SPECTACULAR MOMS will never just work MLM’s, never never never never.

What Will Spectacular Moms Do?

Spectacular moms will work their asses off doing whatever is before them to do.  Spectacular moms will never just work MLMs because they’ll do so much more.

I have been doing everything my upline told me to do…. and more! As a business minded person, I am fully aware I cannot count on one stream of income for a business to succeed. So while my upline is super amazing and fantastic, and I’ve met my 4th upline in person (and she’s top ranked!) and I speak to my immediate sponsor daily, sometimes weekly phone calls… I know that I cannot rely on her for my income. Its my job to do the work. 

So the other day, I was in Forever 21 and when I was coming out I met a woman who was in a near full-blown panic attack. Come to find out, her tire had gone flat, she didn’t know how to change it, she had her 6 day old baby with her but no formula, and her husband wasn’t answering her phone. After getting her situated, I shared my company with her, one actual product, that I felt like could help her out. And guess what? It did!  But here’s the thing….

An old man who wasn’t minding his own business (although, I guess I wasn’t either when I approached her with all three of my own kids in tow!) approached me. Only, he didn’t approach me because he saw me help her or because he wanted to know what I was selling. Instead:

Old Man: “Lady,  instead of selling those Tupperware container things why don’t you do like we had to do and get a real job?”
Me: “Excuse me? I think…..”
Old Man: “You heard me, lady! My wife used to sell that stupid crap.  Now everywhere I go I hear about those stupid companies.”
Me: “I think you must be mistaken, sir. I’m not selling those…..”
Old Man: “My wife became a spectacular woman and mother when she gave up that stupid habit.”
Me: “I’m sure your wife is very spectacular, sir! I hope you have a good day.”
Old Man: “Spectacular mother’s don’t hoot people for a penny.”
Me: “You are right sir, they don’t. Have a good day.”

Now clearly I had some undertones, but this man was grumpy enough!


So, now let me tell you WHY Spectacular Moms Will Never Just Work MLMs


  1. No Spectacular Mom Just Works

First and Foremost, I cannot name a single spectacular mom in the world that just works. There are plenty of people on the planet that can claim to just work. Maybe the new 28-year-old family-less CEO downtown. Maybe the 52-year-old mechanic that puts in 96 hours a week. Maybe a lot of people. But not a mom. I can guarantee you that no mom just works. It doesn’t matter what she is doing. I’m talking about mommies — not just biological mothers — but mommies. Whether she is working 96 hours a week, 3 hours a day, 15 hours from her laptop…. it doesn’t matter. The key word in this is just . No mommy JUST works. Just like no stay at home mommy JUST sits. They work their little booties off for something much greater than the work itself.

2.  Lets Face It! MLM Moms are BRAVE! They are warriors.

Spectacular moms will never just work MLMs becaues maybe its just me. Maybe I was weak. Maybe it was just my family. But, moms that take on network marketing opportunities are BRAVE, they aren’t just working – they are taking risks! Sometimes, you have a mom entering the network who literally has nothing. Maybe she has the $40 start-up fee, maybe she sells her car to get it. Maybe she’s a stay at home mom and uses nap time to enroll her forces, maybe she works 70 hour weeks and uses the 14 hours she didn’t really have to start with. Maybe she had the support of her family and friends or maybe she was a loner with laughter and mockery doubt and hassle in the background.  Joining an MLM is a risk, like any business. Having a sponsor who cares about you is wonderful and amazing, and does make things a lot better for you…. but as your sponsor, I cannot make those in your immediate life support you. Sometimes, you have to take a leap on your own. Granted, its cheaper a lot of times than other businesses. There is not as much overhead as other businesses. But if you order inventory, there is a risk it may not sale. If you place your monthly orders, there is a chance you are spending money that you won’t make back. If you aren’t an outgoing salesman (me!!!!), the thought of direct sales may scare the ever-living crap out of you. If you aren’t a leader (me!!!), there is a worry you won’t make it with your own team. But guess what…. MLM Moms took the risk! They are warriors!  I am a warrior, and you may also be.



3. Moms Need Products!

I cannot speak for all companies, so I’ll just vouch for my own. I am with a company that has one primary product (several smaller products): a food supplement. I am a believer that every human being should have access to our product, and that every mom should use it daily. This one food supplement has changed more lives that I personally know of than any one other product on the planet, that I know of. If one product can change my life this month just by using it and the company values are high enough for my standards…. I’m game in! Join up! Immediately! The universe, My God, led me to this company! I might as well represent it since I’ll still be sending you to them if I were absent.

My personal values…. I have never worked for a company that I didn’t share values with. I have never worked for an employer I didn’t support. But, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, people are forced into situations due to bills piling up, a lack of food on the table, and those kiddies that never stop reminding you they need something…. a job has to come. There has to be someone working to support those kids you love so much. Unlike a typical job, an MLM company that isn’t within your values will probably never take you anywhere.

Obviously, my little boy doesn’t need grown woman leggings and a ninety year old man does not need twirly dresses (if you aren’t 90 and wanna join a page to buy twirly dresses, click here 😉 ). But there are companies out there that claim they have something for everyone. I actually believe that everyone , including your pet, should have access to my company and our product. There is also a difference between a need and a want. So, do your research and broaden your horizon…. but don’t veer from network marketing just because “I’m not a sales person.”  That is an excuse, and excuses never create success OR happiness.

In Conclusion:

1. Moms, don’t let anyone shame you for being part of an MLM; you are a warrior.
2. If you aren’t, don’t let anyone shame you.
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4. Don’t let anyone push fear and prejudice on you to make you feel bad about your choices for work or no work.
5. **REMEMBER** This is your life !

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