Who Am I?

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I’m a North Carolinian born and raised!
My mom and dad named me Kaitlyn, and I have a twin brother.
I have a gorgeous fiancé, an over-the-top intelligent daughter, and a son that will melt your heart.
I believe in co-schooling: teaching from both the home and the classroom.
And I am an L1 Syndrome Advocate for my son.

I think Dr. Pepper and Smarties are God’s greatest gifts.
Joking. Not really. 😉
Speaking of God…. I think He’s pretty rad. He & His Son saved me.
My two year is is pretty into Him too.
In my opinion? Horses are better than motorcycles or cars.
Photography is a blessing, a curse, and a way of life.
Every mom should know how its done!
I chew my nails and twirl my hair.
I think Dr. Seuss was the smartest children’s author EVER.
I try to laugh every single day. I’m THANKFUL for my days!
As a child, I remember many many things.
One of them being playing outside sun up to sun down.
I’m a mother; and a damn good one!

As I mentioned, I’m a photographer, & I love teaching!
Shooting Solid, Photography Workshop for Moms



All photos taken by Amore Vita.

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  1. Kuhiwa Erwin

    Good evening! I wanted to nominate you for The Liebster Award! I would be more than happy to send you more details via e-mail. Could you send me your contact information? I look forward to connecting with you further! 🙂

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      I emailed you and feel free to contact me on either http://www.facebook.com/kalory or facebook.com/freshlymessy 🙂

  2. gabriella

    I was happy to find someone else who is going through the same situation as my husband and I. Our son is 2 months old and was diagnosed with L1 syndrome. I would like information on the support group

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      I just emailed you; I would love to chat with you! I’m so glad you found me. How did you come across this page?

  3. Kate McDermott

    Hi, I’m a Developmental Therapist working with a little boy that’s 21 months old with L1 Syndrome and just wondering what additional information and advocacy resources and possible support group information you might be able to provide. I’m very happy that I found you and have about a million questions. I will be doing lots of reading and research until I hear from you. Hope all is well with your day today!

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      I am so glad you’ve contacted me and we’ve connected!

  4. Keralyn Vessels

    My name is Keralyn. I’m a mom of three wonderful little beings; 14, 9, and 5. My oldest has Asperger’s and it has been a very long road to where we are now. I am happy to say that we are finally in a good place academically- AMEN! I stumbled across your page today as I was on Pinterest looking for children’s devotionals and printables. When I read your bio, it sparked an idea in me that I have been nurturing (perhaps procrastinating is more accurate) for a while; advocating. I inherited an aggreasive nickname over the years as I pushed back against doctors, specialists, therapists, school districts, teachers, and other individuals with their own agendas. Finally, my son’s 7th grade year was the straw that broke the camels back and I decided to contact a special education attorney and let the school know just how serious I was about my child’s education. It was unfortunate that it had to get to that point but when my pastor gave me the name of this attorney after church one Sunday, I knew it was apart of God’s plan. He certainly saw us through and gave me the strength to carry on when I didn’t think I could continue to fight anymore. The experience drew out a passion in me for helping other children and their families trying to navigate their way through the public school’s special education program. The attorney I worked with represented our case at no cost because I had done all of the footwork and made our case for us which was a complete blessing because we certainly could not have afforded it on our own. The attorney told me about an organization that offers advocacy training but it is quite pricey and those financial pieces have not quite fallen into place just yet. I wondered if you have other ideas about advocacy training or might be able to offer some alternative approaches? I believe that you have to put yourself out there to receive God’s messages and grace. Thank you for putting yourself out in the internet world for others to be blessed by your story and insight. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a blessed day!

    1. csnoodles@yahoo.com (Post author)

      I honestly have no idea, Keralyn… and please feel free to find me on facebook (Kaitlyn Alory Krotchko Eagle) to talk further so our messages don’t go missing/forgotten. I would absolutely love to chat with you about what sorts of advocacy would be beneficial to the population of the world.


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