How to Accomplish Practically Everything in 3 Simple Steps


If I had a quarter for every time someone asked how I have time to accomplish it all on a day to day basis, I would have more quarters than I could count, seriously ya’ll! The funny thing is, its simple! And it’s now second nature to me.



  1. Figure Out What Needs to Be Done

This one sounds like common sense, but can become slightly tricky. For me, sometimes my needs get confused with my wants. Do I really need to venture all the way to Walmart for a new set of sippy cups today? If not, can I combine it with another trip later in the week to a doctor’s office I will inevitably be visiting? Does my attic really need reorganizing (nesting ?) or can it wait six more months when we’ll be organizing to move anyway? Does my son really need more tummy time or is it fair to take Kara to swim lessons (for the record – in my opinion, all kids should learn to swim!)?



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