Learning the Letter A with an Ant Farm Quiet Book

Ant Farm Quiet Book Page

The ant farm quiet book  page with pattern was not a complete success, but to be only my third page ever, and still what I would consider a non-sewer at the time this page was created I cant complain! This totally unique page played off better in my head than it did in reality!! The cute ant idea came to me originally from Courtney’s Quiet Book on the Quiet Book Blog. I was super excited, but really didn’t want a picnic as I already had an idea for weaving. And, my Ant Farm quiet book evolved.

a is for ant farm quiet book

What I Did Wrong From The Start

First off, felt is pliable. My thought was if I put a button under the felt, it could slide. WRONG. It falls out. So, that’s fail #1.  If you want something to move, my suggestion is to get a small ant button and let it slide on ribbon or string.  If I had to do this again, instead of cutting the tunnels out, I would either:

  • sew around them and put movable marbles underneath the felt while having ants with more details sewn on top that my child can see OR
  • have Have 2-3 “loose” ants as pieces to the book to allow a child to move them on the “tunnel” as they wish

The two velcro dots at the top are relatively useless at this point. They were made so I could sew detachable letters to play with and velcro them to the appropriate page. I never created them. I could either not use velcro dots or make them at a later time. I think either would be acceptable.

a is for ant farm quiet book 4


What I Would Do Again

The rings!  I absolutely love them!!! Kara loves lacing, and this is so unique that it lets her pick any pattern of choice. It keeps her attention much longer than a few of the other pages as she loves problem solving. So, after lacing all of the pages, she gets to figure out how to un-knot all of tangles as well. She’s only needed help once or twice.


a is for ant farm quiet book 2

a is for ant farm quiet book 3
a is for ant farm quiet book 5

What Do You Think?

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a is for ant farm quiet book pattern

a is for ant farm quiet book 4


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  1. Whitney

    Hello there !
    I just found your blog through pinterest and it’s fantastic! To avoid the loose pieces problem it would be a great idea to thread black beads on the ribbon instead of having to put pieces under the felt.

    1. csnoodles@yahoo.com (Post author)

      This particular page doesn’t have any peices to loose; but that is an excellent suggestion! Thank you! I think in later pages you will find that I have both loose pieces as well as threaded pieces. Thats an awesome idea.


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