A Very Autumn Time [ China Grove, NC Family Photography ]


What You Don’t Know About:

China Grove, North Carolina Family Photography

Population: 4,000
Male/Female Population: 1.3:1
61% of us were born here
4% of us are self employed
we have more 5-10 and 30-35 year olds than other ages
72% of families with children are aged 6-17

But you know what is awesome about China Grove?

The personalities behind these statistics. This is a family I’ve known for pretty much all of my life that I can possibly remember, and I’m so excited and grateful that my 3-1/2 year old daughter gets to grow up knowing (especially) their daughter. Like sisters, they are, according to Kara!

Fall is one of my favorite times of years; the colors are fresh and vibrant, and as a year prepares to close… nature gives us a fresh boost of new energy as the leaves change and then fall to the ground. Some like spring because of the birds chirping and new animal life beginning… but me? I think fall is God’s way of reminding us that he is standing behind us and pushing us toward completion of our goals for the year.

Our town is filled with awesome role models and personalities, and I’m thankful and humbled that this family in particular includes my kids in their lives. I am honored they chose me to bring them fall pictures in a spot of NC so near and dear to them: family property. You guys rock and your kids are amazing! Thank you!

By the way, Emily: in addition to being amazing people, you are ROCKSTAR at coordinating outfits 😉


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