Beauty in Abundance [Gold Hill, NC Family Photographer]

This family of kids has truly been one of my most favorite families to photograph in the Rowan County area. Families like this one are a huge reason why I love photography. I know all families have pictures taken to either a) give Christmas cards (hehe… we love Christmas photos!) or b) capture memories. And, I know all photographers loveeee capturing those memories for all of our clients. But you know what I’ve realized? I enjoy photographing families for another reason. I adore watching families make NEW memories during their time with me.

These kids jumped out of their daddy’s Suburban (?) and came running over to greet me! Lizzy talked to me about horses and was so excited that I loved animals as much as she did. These kids are growing up and they’re going to be role models and leaders in this world we live in! All three of them are so smart, outspoken, and lively. They have great attitudes and so much determination. Friendly, and respectful. Had Kara been with me (3-1/2 years) I know she would have looked up to this whole family; in fact, just looking at hteir pictures on the computer, she’s already asked if she could play in their rooms one day. She said they must have awesome rooms cause they look like awesome people.


Thank you, Callahan-Fletcher’s for letting me be part of ya’lls lives!

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