14 Successful Bloggers Give the Darndest Advice

Blogger Advice from the Successful to the Wanna Be Successful

I interviewed these bloggers for one reason: I want to be where they are. Each of the bloggers you meet today currently have more bloggers, greater shares, higher stats, more content, and are generally making more money from their blog than I am.  When I was a student at North Carolina State University (go Wolfpack!!!), a finance professor once told me, “Seek advice from those you would like to be like.”

My professor was not insinuating that I should copy those successful people. He also wasn’t advising I put energy into wishing I was them instead of myself. Rather, he was encouraging me to seek information and tips from people who had “been there done that.” He taught me to learn from their mistakes before I wasted my time on the same ones. He believes in encouragement, and taught me where to look for the positive influences.

Additionally, that Ag Finance professor (yeah – you heard me; I’m an agricultural student writing this blog 😉 ) taught me to give back. So now that I’ve asked these bloggers for their time and help, I’m now sharing with you. Those who are also trying to blog. I hope it helps!

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Now…. on to the Bloggers!!!!!!!

blogger tip your modern dadMickey at Your Modern Dad is husband to Becky at Your Modern Family.
He receives 50,000 views per month, all while parenting four children: 9, 7, 5, and 3 years o
ld. When implored for details on how he manages to blog while parenting, he simply says, “My favorite and best posts all came from my real life parenting experiences.” Surrounding himself with the “right people, people that help push me in the directional that I want to go,” is his number one success action that he has done for himself. He reiterates to stay patient and keep at it.



blogger tip your modern family
With over 3 million views wife to Mickey at Your Modern Dad , Becky also parents the four children while blogging at Your Modern Family. Writing an ebook and learning to edit images were her two equally large giant steps toward success. She wants new bloggers to know, “Too many words, etc… may “lose’ your readers,” and to do your absolute best from the very start to keep posts organized.


blogger tip christine
Owner of Where The Smiles Have Been with over 1.4million blog views and mother of a 2.5 year old, Christine tips: be true to yourself and focus about what you want to write about. Don’t worry about others, and pick a schedule that works for you. Monetize from the start, “there is no such thing as too early and small to earn money.”


blogger tip diy swankWith 105,000 monthly views, DIY Swank is a very popular and amazing
blog where the owner raises a 13 year old, 6 year old, and 3 year old. Her most successful step has been investing her social media time into Pinterest. As a DIY’er, Pinterest drives more traffic than all of her other sources combined. The tip she needs to reitterate to all other bloggers is to not try to just “keep up with big bloggers and post mediocre content just to get more post.” “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” and if you are blogging with a goal of money, be patient. Ultimately, she wants other bloggers to work smarter, not harder.


blogger tip chantal
Nerdy Mama‘s owner, Chantal, mothers three children (6m, 2y, and 13y) while maintaining a successful blog with over 35,000 visitors per month. The single most valuable piece of advice she has for those new to the blog world is to “write daily. Be persistent, even when you aren’t feeling it,” and to “keep at it. The success will come if you just work hard, consistently.”


blogger tip bpatty
BPatty is owned by Lauren where she raises two kids and averages 2,300 views per month. Lauren stresses Psalm 139:14, and to never ever put the screen before your kids and family- the people who love you. No screen success is as great as their love. Her greatest tip for success is to always, always, give back. Every chance you get.


blogger tip erinWith 65,000 views, writer at Prime-Time Monster, Diana, says that her single most valuable action step to suggest is to create relationships with other bloggers. She also offers a unique insight: build up a “stockpile of posts before publishing so that you have some content that will help you in times you have a sick child or no time to write,” and for parents especially, either learn your limits early on or “know your limits.” Decide on how personal you want to be on the internet with your children’s information, and stick to that. She also wisely suggests, “when it stops being fun, switch gears.” “One of the wonderful things about [blogging] is how many hats you wear, when you are burned out on one thing, focus on another. It keeps the work entertaining.”


Raising Faries & Knights, owned by Hil, is quickly growing, but around 30,700 views to date in a short amount of time. She also parents a 2.5year old and a 10 month old. While she says to blog what you know and that connecting with other bloggers is what has made her reach her level of success to this point….. what she really wants other bloggers to know is that, “if you can’t get a post done on time, don’t sweat it. Yours kids come first and blogging after.” Do not let time with your kids suffer for a blog.






The Special Reds is a blog close to my heart, although I just recently foundblogger tip the special reds her. Kera maintains a blog with 25,000 views all while parenting three special needs children: 11 yrs (autistic), 8 years (rare blood genetic disorder), and 2 (born with bilateral cleft pallet). Like the other authors, she says to keep at it and not give up, but also that her greatest success action step was creating a Facebook account in order to create relationships with other bloggers – reaching out. People care, you just have to find the right people.


blogger tip frugal mom eh
With 105,000 views, Frugal Mom, Eh!, Elizabeth has two daughters – a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Her most actionable step was learning her camera and taking better photos. She saw an immediate jump in numbers as soon as she began “posting large, well lit and composed photos.” Like others, Elizabeth agrees that at first it may seem like no one is reading, but keep at it! Don’t stop.











blogger tip pea fritters

Mothering a 2 year old daughter and a 3month old son, Ruth at Pea

Fritters brings about 2500 views per month. After Ruth writes her posts, she always re-reads them. She tries to see her posts from the reader’s point of view. What is a reader getting out of the post? What is Ruth giving to her followers? This simple, yet important, action step keeps her content not only good, but wowing and amazing. Also, Ruth tells us that keeping a list of realistic goals is important, but to always let blogging complement your life instead of overpowering it.


blogger tip spiriling up
Spiraling Up, averaging 2,100 views a month while mommying a 2 year old, tells us that promotion is her biggest success action step. She suggests automation apps so you can promote throughout the day, like in the park and while babies are sleeping, without pulling you away from your babies. She also suggests treating blogging like a job to find real success. Utilizing day cares, babysitters, or grandparents for a few hours each day so all attention is focused on work.




blogger tip amanda
Amanda at Uniquely Unfolded averages around 6,000 views while parenting a four year old. Her most valuable action step is to make her blogs about things that she understands and that matter to her. The most simple things to her could be someone else’s lightbulb. While consistency is important, rememb that “if Plan A doesn’t work, change to plan B!”


blogger tip single mom what a lifeSingle Mom What a Life
is such a beautiful little blog, reaching success with around 14,000 page views. She parents one three year old, but she does it on her own! Her single tip that is critical to success is to a) not be afraid to discuss topics that go there, and b) doing the research prior to publishing. However, because she doesn’t want to be “just another blog,” and “just another opinion,” she does real research far beyond a simple google search. Her research consists of using studies and professionals, not just other moms. She takes the boring grunt work out so new moms can find the answers to their questions in a reliable and trusty way. Connecting with others is critical, and loosing the passion and love for writing defeats the purpose all together.


blogger tip 4 hens and a roosterWith 13,000 page views, Four Hens and a Rooster falls on a mom’s back of a 12, 14, and 17 year old. She is a beyond established blogger, with 12 years standing behind her. She has seen it all. She feels compelled to tell new bloggers to work hard but not let it consume you. “There is a lot of ‘competition’ in the blogging world, if you find a good group of people who will help and support you, you’ll find your efforts are so much easier.”


 Thanks For Spending Your Day with Me!

I want to hope that something someone said above helped you on your blogging journey! Please, leave us a comment below and let us know what your favorite tip is! If you are a successful blogger yourself – what got you there? What would you tell other bloggers who need a lift to the top?
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  1. Mary-the boondocks blog

    Thank you for sharing all of these great suggestions with us. All the blogger’s advice is spot on! You just have to figure out what works for you !

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      I was very excited for this post! I’m so glad you are in agreement that it is spot on! And yes, figuring out what works for an individual is over half the challenge!

  2. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Great tips, even for those of us with mostly grown up children, or no children. We have to keep our finger on the pulse, of our blogs and of those around us-family or loved ones. Thanks for taking the time to put these nuggets of gold together!!!

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      I’m glad you liked this post; it took awhile to put together, but these bloggers gave me such great insight, I felt I had to share!


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