L1 Syndrome

Freshly Messy Teething Lovie

Freshly Messy Teething Lovies are super adorable, super soft, and super needed! Every teething baby needs one, or two…. or three! And what’s awesome? Most of our babies’ find them to be security blankets as they continue growing! Our customization blanket varieties…
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Loveable L1 CAM Syndrome Boys

The number one thing I wanted to find online when I learned Noah would have L1 Syndrome (also known as x-linked hydrocephalus), was other families who were affected! I will compile stories of other x-linked hydrocephalus families and hopefully this…
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30 Days to L1 Syndrome

L1 Syndrome is a rare and complicated genetic condition that even researchers know very little about that I want to share with you over the next 30 days. Or, if you are seeing this whole page in its entirety, next…
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