Why We Celebrate Christmas with The Meaning of Santa

This year’s seemingly new most-statuses-ever-made topic on FB is why families aren’t celebrating Santa Claus. Obviously, I personally could care less if one invites Santa into their home or not. Let me say now, we celebrate the meaning of Santa with Christmas and invite Santa into our home, and here is….

why-celebrate-with the meaning of Santa


Everyone’s statuses are talking about how creepy Santa is. Or how unreal he is. Or how fictional he is. Or how “man-made” he is. Or how he’s a stranger and their kids don’t talk to strangers. Or, or, or the list goes on.

If you don’t wanna celebrate the birth of Christ, that is your choice. If you want to celebrate the birth of Christ and not use Santa, that is fine. If you don’t wanna use Santa, the Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, or Lepercaun … that is all a-okay!

But in our home, we celebrate the birth of Christ…. and while we celebrate His birth every day, we celebrate the SPIRIT of Christmas, on Christmas Day. In our home, Santa isn’t a stranger. He legit goes to our church. In our home, he comes in the front door (we have no chimney). In our home, the toys are not used as a bribe because Santa is going to come no matter how good or bad the kids are. Why? Why not say, “Santa doesn’t come to bad little children?” Well, because Santa honors the Spirit of what Jesus is. Jesus doesn’t love everyone except bad little kids. And, His love is given to all the bad adults, too.




So here is my written poem about why we celebrate the meaning Santa.



“Mommy,” she said as the babe climbed on my lap
“Will you talk to me a moment before our nap?”
I heard today some very bad bad lies,”
And a tear fell from her face with her very heavy sighs.

“There’s no Santa Claus?” She sobbed with much grief
My heart raced, my soul stopped — who would take my child’s belief?
“The kids at school they say, there is no way.. one man with so many toys
Can create and deliver to so many girls and boys.”

“I argued I pleaded I tried to say
My mommy would explain to them and make this all okay.”
“Oh my child,” I wanted to whimper
Instead, “Listen to me, baby,” I whispered.

As sad as I was that this day would arrive,
I was ready to explain how this showed He was Alive!
It was time to sputter out words with no time to think,
For it would be over faster than I could blink.

I looked upon my daughter with a heart full of love,
“Come here my Gracie, its time to explain what is up above.
Remember how we always talk to Jesus and pray,
Asking God to watch over us all night and all day?”

“And you know how we ask for each and every gift
And to Him as we sing our praises we lift?
We love Him so, and he blesses us each,
Now its time to share his Grace we teach.”

“God gave us His Baby Boy many years ago,
Who died on the cross and we have gotten to know.
That man who died for you and I,
Filled the whole world giving us much more than we can buy.”

“Man named the holiday of his coming Christmas
And because of his birth, we are all offered His Richness.
Santa Claus was then named in the spirit of grace and giving,
All because our Jesus is LIVING!”

“Even I, yes I, believe in the Spirit of Santa Claus,
Just like man named Christmas and those big Claus Paws,
Santa, although we don’t see him, keeps on giving in any way he can
Making kiddies happy all over the land.

“Yah know, my Gracie, we can’t see Jesus either,
But all through the year He gives and blesses never the receiver.
The real spirit of Christmas is in you and in me,
And it’s because of Jesus, you see.”

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