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Despite the Differences is a small effort for me, a special-needs mama and photographer, to give back to the North Carolina community that gives us so much! Preparing for the weeks leading up to our birth of our son, Noah… I was in panic. I needed pictures, and I needed them now.

Special Needs Photography, Despite the Differences


despite the differences special needs photography



 Why Am I Offering This?

I wanted so much for both maternity and newborn photos of this precious boy that we knew at 11 weeks gestation had Hydrocepahlus, L1 CAM Syndrome. Yet, we had to prepare. Thank GOD my dear friend at the time, Julia at Amore Vita Photography, let me transfer my wedding deposit (oh yeah, we had to cancel that…) I had made months previously to “pay for” my two sessions with my dear precious boy. I decided then and there that I would at some point create a way for all special needs families to afford photos of their family. While I am not trying to entitle special needs families to photos for their family for free, I am trying to bring the cost down for special needs families so they, too, can afford them.

What’s Cool About This Event?

  • It is exclusive, and only offered twice per year.
  • It is open to all Special Needs and Disabled families regardless of financial situations.
    Lets face it! Us mamas and papas have to afford so much: additional surgeries, g-tube replacements, medicines, uncovered equipment, hospital foods, gas for all those specialty appointments and hospital stays, gause and sryinges, diapers for everrrrr, extra wipes, extra awesome over-size bibs and vomit towels, creams and lubes, and the list continues!
  • Every event will gift one additional session to one of the families who particiapated (drawn at random).


Please Check Us Out [HERE] for our online portfolios. This group is newly created, so please bare with me while we continue adding! Our photo information can be seen [HERE].

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