Fall 2016 Family Photography [ Gold Hill, NC Family Photography ]

A new family bound together by love! I’ve known Brenna since high school, and I’ve been photographing her family since about five years ago. This year, we visited another new location… and the fall colors just complimented their bubbly fun personality all the way around.  I absolutely love these boys and their mama, and this year I got to meet Brenna’s significant other, Aaron. As soon as I met this new family of six bound together by love… I instantly fell in love with their meshing personalities and heart felt sincerity.  Brenna, thank you for inviting me to yet again have the honor of being your Gold Hill, NC family photographer and loving on your three precious boys!


Gold Hill, NC Family Photography

Gold Hill, NC is seriously so beautiful. Its a very small working town, downtown, filled with small shops, adorable houses, and cute picket fences. So I was oober ecstatic when Brenna picked the park across the street from all of this for her family. Brenna’s images truly reflect her personality… simple, down-to-Earth girl, who would rather give you the shirt off her own back than wow you with her riches. The entire family is like this. Carson who adored the dog and the basis, Kiyler who runs wide open and free, Braiden who rocks a personality filled with love and simplicity, and Kayden who just loves live and all those in it. I truly adored photographing this family for who they were, their raw beauty.


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