Fitness for Moms PB&J and Push-Ups Book Review


The Fitness for Moms Book Review : PB&J and Push-Ups
The Busy Mom’s Simple Guide to Diet and FitnessPB&J and Push-Ups Book Reivew


The Link to Purchase: Here on Amazon
The Author: Mandy Skinner, blogger at Soccer Mom with Muscles
The Promise: I was not paid for this review. I do not receive a portion of any income for sales of this book.
Why I Read It: I will soon be publishing an article, “Why My Fitness Resolution is Different Than Yours,” and this book will be a part of that post. I am not simply reading it. I am case-studying it on my own accord. I am a busy working mom with two children, one special needs. My days are packed sun up to sun down.


PB&J and Push-Ups Book Reivew 3

Who This Book Is For

– Moms who are settled and already comfortable with parenthood.
– Moms who not only want a fitness gain and a weight loss but rather a lifestyle transformation.
Who This Book is Not For

– This weight loss method is not good for new, overwhelmed parents that have not settled into their new lifestyles with their little bundles of joy just yet.
– A quick fix mom.
– A “fad diet” and “more pills” and “just get it off me” mom.


My Two Most Memorable Take Homes After Reading

– Mandy’s Hybrid Eating Habits: Her personal concoction and formula to combining all of the best parts of the greatest diets into a workable plan for you.
–  Fit Families! Mandy recognizes how busy parents are; she does anything but neglect those responsibilities while writing this book of fitness for moms. Mandy could write an entire book on Fit Families alone; but as a busy mom, I was so excited to see fit family in her book.

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Mandy’s Book is Available for Pre-Order, to be sent directly to your device December 1st, 2015.

Written by a mom with printables, lists, plans, and charts…. this book has become my chosen book for my New Years Resolution: Why My Fitness Resolution is Different Than Yours. It will take me eight weeks to complete; therefore, starting January first, I will *hopefully* have lost weight and begin feeling better before my daughter’s third birthday the first week of March. I plan to update every two weeks of this 8-week journey to give you the best review of this book and plan I possibly can. An idea is one thing; practicality is another.


What Do I Like About The Plan?

– Mandy addresses financial concerns, about healthy food purchase expenses, and time concerns, about how a busy mom can possibly squeeze twenty more minutes into a day where she has zero time already.
– Rather than emphasizing numbers on a scale or inches of the arm and stomach, Mandy transforms your lifestyle in a positive way that brings about whole body wellness, inclusive up but not exclusive of: fitness, emotional well-being, food health to make one feel better, and parenting health.
– Printables include: her personal family favorites, shopping lists, substitutions if you can’t afford raw, oragnic, fresh entirely, workouts, eating plans, checklists of substitutions for when your body craves sugar and flour
– Mandy speaks about the top trending diets, why they work or don’t work… and spills the truth on the “needed” supplements required by so many new ads on healthcare.
– Mandy understands how moms function: she encourages balance, not absolution and her HYBRID plan allows for luxuries like caffeine.
– Mandy does not expect a mom to spend countless hours at a gym they can’t afford wearing clothes they don’t have spending time away from the kids they don’t have enough time with anyway. Mandy does not expect a mom to buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment that may not be used if a habit fails to form. Mandy does not expect anyone to become a body coach while learning fitness themselves. Mandy does not require anyone to “sign up” for a monthly payment plan, sell anything, or go beyond their means. With body weights, optional dumbbells or bands (which are a few dollars a piece) and desire – any mom can complete these 8 weeks.
– Upon purchase of the book you gain access to an EXCLUSIVE private facebook group with Mandy for personal attention during your 8 weeks of

What I Do Not Like About the Plan?

– I hate Cardio. I cannot stand running. I hate HITT workouts. I feel like I’m dying before I get going. I don’t like how Mandy isn’t a fan of running. I need that encouragement. She loves HITT workouts though.
– There are less than 5 spelling and grammar issues in the book.- The food. If you’ve ever heard of a picky eater – I am a picky eater times 1,000. I will be using the month of December while weaning off Soda to do some meal planning for my January and February. That’s okay though, Mandy allows for that. I am also a breastfeeding mom of 11 months. I have to keep my calories a bit higher than “average” to keep milk 12 and 13 months post partum.

January 1st:

This update will include: how my soda weaning went, meal planning design, and how I spent my December stretching and increasing my flexibility prior to the workout. I will also include Before pictures.

January 15th:

January 29th:

February 12th:

February 26th:

This will be my final pictures and how the past 8 weeks went.


Go Purchase Mandy’s Book to join in with me January first in a fitness and well body challenge for 2016!

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