Learning the Letter F with a Flowers Quiet Book Page

F is for Flowers, Pretty Pretty Flowers


My daughter’s absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world is being outside. She doesn’t care if she is playing in mud, water, sand, or fields. She enjoys the outdoors. She enjoys going on walks with me, playing with the Llama at my mom’s house, visiting the goats at her grandma’s house, and planting flowers and veggies with my dad. There was nothing more appropriate for my daughter than a flowers quiet book page. Personally, I like this book because it’s sturdy and not toooo many pieces. The rainbow is a great introduction for us talking about ROY G BIV of the rainbow color pallet, but I don’t push for her to learn it. This page was inspired by the flower pot found here.

f is for flowers quiet book

What I did Wrong on the Flowers Quiet Book Page

f is for flowers quiet book 2

Too fancy of lettering for a mama who couldn’t sew! I should have spent more time learning to sew with less details first, but for what it is … I can read it.

What I did Right on the Flowers Quiet Book Page

f is for flowers quiet book 5

This page is great because in our case, for a two-year-old who turned three yesterday…. the rainbow is perfect. However, for a mama looking to make pages for an older child, it would be super simple to make a Montessori-version of the rainbow as a puzzle. Two ways to potentially make this happen are:

  1. Place colors on the felt with velcro peices to attach on top of them.
  2. cut them with angles large enough to stagger (as is already pictured) and buttons or velcro to attach them to the sky background.

Both options above would be more appropriate for a slightly older child, or a child needing more activity on a single page than simply the button flowers shown here:

f is for flowers quiet book 3

There are three button flowers (feel free to make more or less) for a child to learn how to use buttons. Kara is great at pulling them off; the process of attaching them is still a process 😉



What do You Think?

So I promised you a pattern, and a pattern you shall receive! When you cut out the square, circle, and triangle pieces of the pattern…. realize that the way I have them drawn in the pattern is on top one of one another. In your cutting, each piece needs to be cut separate! Tell me what do you think; do you and your babies love this page as much as me and mine? How did you turn this elephant quiet book page to be one of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know! And sign up on the right side of this page so you never miss another pattern!

f is for flowers quiet book 5

f is for flowers quiet book pattern


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