Freshly Messy Photography

Freshly Messy Photography
Salisbury/China Grove, N.C.

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Living in China Grove, NC Freshly Messy Photography is the writer of this blog. I admit my favorite subjects to photograph are newborns and families. I cherish raw emotion. I started photographing babes and families in 2008 and fell in love. And more importantly, I want you to fall in love with your pictures. I strive for your happiness. I work for your smiles. These images are what you will look back on time and time again to remember time periods of your life that have passed… from newborn life, to tough little puppies, to engagements, to best friends and parks.









Pricing and Value



Freshly Messy’s mission goes far beyond a few pictures to go on your hard-drive, or a few prints to hang on your wall.

Our mission points toward presenting you with images that will forever be loved as they turn into heirlooms placed strategically on your walls. We promise to provide you with pictures that are swoon-worthy and that you are proud to call your own.

Additionally, as clients, friends, we invite you to enroll in our 10-days-to-Swoon-Worthy course for moms! Catered specifically to parents, we learn how to photograph epic, swoon-worthy images of our own children.






Our Pricing Starts at $89.00.

But our value far exceeds our price. You will receive digital downloads of your sessions and our assured satisfaction. We are proud to say we have never been asked for a partial, or full, refund for any session on our books since 2008.

Similar photographers of equivalent quality are charging double what we charge…. so what is our catch?

Spots are limited! SUPER limited!


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If you live in China Grove, NC please leave a comment with contact information, contact me on Facebook, or email me to set up your session today!