Learning the Letter G with a Games Quiet Book Page

The Ultimate Games Quiet Book Page

I’ve worked so hard to create a quiet book that would grow with my child; pages could be swapped for multiple uses and used in a variety of settings based on our needs at the time… the tic-tac-toe games quiet book page is an excellent example of how we can use this book to grow. My three-year-old doesn’t understand the game right now. But she LOVES the hand-painted stones and enjoys stacking them and putting the little “bugs” into their “cages.” I have a feeling we have several…years?… worth of fun in this book that took us all of $0.50 to make.

g is for games quiet book

What I did Wrong on the Games Quiet Book Page

g is for games quiet book 2

I don’t know that I did anything “wrong” persay. I love the width of the pocket – perfect for 3 year old hands. Her hand can easily slide the pieces in and out of the pocket without straining the imperfect hand-stitching. The rocks are heavy. So, while I think that is good for a young child, it adds a chunk of weight to an already bulky book.

**PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE** Be CAREFUL with this page and your young children. Pieces could be choke hazard, and its important you recognize that and monitor your child appropriately.

What I did Right on the Games Quiet Book Page

g is for games quiet book 3


Am I allowed to say EVERYTHING??? Seriously!?!? I mean, I guess some mamas would rather have velcro pieces maybe. That might do better with some families.  Or larger flatter pieces for some babes? Either way, the simplicity of this page is super duper appealing to me!

**TIP** When you sew on the word “GAMES” to the blue pocket, make sure that you sew the word prior to sewing the pocket to the background. Otherwise, your pieces won’t fit.


g is for games quiet book 5



What do You Think?

So I promised you a pattern, and a pattern you shall receive! Tell me what do you think; do you and your babies love this page as much as me and mine? How did you turn this elephant quiet book page to be one of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know! And sign up on the right side of this page so you never miss another pattern!

g is for games quiet book 6
g is for games quiet book 4

g is for games quiet book pattern



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