Learning the Letter I with an Igloo Quiet Book Page

An INCREDIBLE Igloo Quiet Book Page

Back just before Christmas of this past year, 2015, my at-the-time almost 3-year-old got super into puzzles. While she only stayed interested for moments, she never got frustrated, and would work on the same puzzle for days if I left it out that long. Only thing, it would never be completed. Even 24-piece thicker puzzles were too much for her, if it didn’t include matching. So, this page came along around November… and she has been super excited about it.

i is for igloo quiet book 5

What I did Wrong on the Igloo Quiet Book Page

i is for igloo quiet book 4

When it comes to how a page is put together, this is one of my favorite pages. Surprisingly, it was an earlier page, created 4th-5th of all 26 pages, and there are plenty of sewing errors as you can see the bunching in the middle peak above.

However, when it comes to what Kara cares about as the child learning from, and being entertained with this page? I’m not sure I’d change a thing. The puppets are perfect for her fingers. The pieces are amazing for her purposes. And the pocket? The pocket is Kara’s favorite part.

What I did Right on the Igloo Quiet Book Page

i is for igloo quiet book 2

  1. The Velcro.
  2. The pocket.

The velcro helps Kara’s dexterity. Each peice stays where she wants it to stay while she trial and errors other pieces to fit. If it doesn’t work, its easy to lift. If she’s testing something, it doesn’t slide and move creating further frustration – even in small places like her lap in doctor’s offices and church pews. The pocket, while not intended for this use, allows her short attention spans to fit for days if she’d like while she plays and pieces things together. The pocket was created for the finger puppet storage. The pocket developed into a storage place for pieces she hadn’t found homes for yet.

i is for igloo quiet book 3

What do You Think?

So I promised you a pattern, and a pattern you shall receive! Tell me what do you think; do you and your babies love this page as much as me and mine? How did you turn this igloo quiet book page to be one of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know! And sign up on the right side of this page so you never miss another pattern!

i is for igloo quiet book

i is for igloo quiet book 2

i is for igloo quiet book


i is for igloo quiet book pattern 2

i is for igloo quiet book pattern


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