Worth A Read & Link Up #3

So I shared this with you guys on Saturday, but I wasn’t happy with how that panned out, or the formatting. So this week, we’re doing something a littttttttttttttttle differently. This week, we’re combining our Worth A Read’s (posts I’ve read this week that I think are definately worth sharing!) in with our linkup. But first, I *have* to share this! I had the giggles for a solid 4-minutes, and re-watch it regularly! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


So if you can give me less than 4 minutes of your time

I’d like you to watch this video and enjoy your day!




Dana at The Art Kit Blog recently posted an article, Diaper Science after reviewing a STEAM book for kids.. I am seriously so impressed with this article, I’ve shared it at least three times on this blog alone, and I’m sharing it again today for that reason. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! If you have small kids, it won’t waste your time. And from what I’ve seen (I haven’t purchased the book yet), purchasing the book is 110% worth it.


And now for our third party!!

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Happy Wednesday you guys! I hope that your weeks are off without fail and that your hump day is fabulous! 🙂 We doubled our amount linked last week jumping from only 9 weeks our first week to 18 last week.  And we have a new host you should definately check out! She’s pretty fabulous!


Onto the Link Up Party!

For All of The Most Recent Articles for Kids!

HOST: Kaitlyn @ Freshly Messy
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Kaityn chose Does it Benefit Children To Be Taught by Technology for her pick of the week.




CO-HOST: Lindsay @ Mind Body & Soul After Baby
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Lindsay chose 10 Rookie Parenting Mistakes I Still Make for her pick of the week.






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