How To Make Fridge Magnets from Scrap Fabric

With a three year old who loves displaying artwork, fridge magnets are in high demand at this home… and, and scrap fabric fridge magnets help make them not only super affordable, but amazingly cute! The possibilities are totally endless.  This craft in particular included as part of the Week 11 section of our Proberbs 31 19-week Bible Study for Preschoolers.



How many of you have seen the science experiment for putting marbles in the oven, removing them, and dumping them in cold water? For those of you who’ve done this, you should have found the marbles completely “shattered” inside due to the rapid cooling, yes? Well, this craft begins with that easy experiment. Talk about completely amazing my three year old. MAGIC! No wonder bloggers have made that an experiment within itself. Kara believed it to be honest magic, and played with the cool rocks for a few hours, off-and-on, by themselves. She even asked to keep a few.




This craft is simple.   Materials are basic.

  • Sharpie: draw circles to know where to cut

  • Mod Podge: to glue the fabric to the stone

  • Scissors: to cut the fabric

  • Stones: either cracked or marbleized, found these at the dollar store: 27 for $1.

  • Magnet: to attach to the fridge front

  • Fabric Scraps: colors and patterns free choice



The procedure is simple. It is a procedure that does not take much preparation or thought.

  1. Trace your sized circle onto the fabric
  2. Cut the fabric around the drawing
  3. Mod Podge the fabric, pattern side down, the to back of the stone
  4. Leave to dry
  5. After drying, attach a magnet to the back of the stone



Take a look at our our magnets turned out, and leave us a comment with how you enjoyed your afternoon craft! If you enjoy our posts, and really enjoy being a mommy and doing things with your little… take a look at As Told By Amy’s blog all about pregnancy and mommy-hood! She’s creating her own community! In this post in particular, she talks about 5 surprises that come with motherhood that I’m confident will make you giggle and agree with! I’m sure she would love to hear your opinions about motherhood as well!











  1. Dana | The Art Kit

    Oh, I love these! We always seem to have so many fabric scraps!

    1. (Post author)

      I’m on the search to find stronger magnets! I got these at the craft store, but it seems to only hold one sheet of paper. I want MORE!

  2. Sarah Koontz

    I made some magnets like these at MOPS years ago and we still use them. You’ve tempted me to create some more. Blessings to you and yours!

    1. (Post author)

      When you created yours with MOPS, where did you guys find your magnets? I’m on the saerch for stronger ones!

  3. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I have all these materials right now. My youngest is very creative and would love to make these.

    1. (Post author)

      Please share them with me when you do! Gluing was by far my daughter’s favorite part!


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