Proverbs 31 For Preschoolers (Curriculum): The Woman

The Proverbs 31 Woman

can move (psychological) mountains and accomplish wonders no ordinary woman can. She is the fictional superwoman of the Bible, just like without the Bible we have Batman and Catwoman. Want to make a difference? Be the difference!

They always say if there is a topic you want to read about, go to the Bible. Porn? Bible. Good deeds? Bible. Heros? Bible. Superman? Bible. Murder? Bible. Now I tell you if you want to read about how to teach your preschoolers to be superwomen, lets Read The Bible!


Proverbs 31 for Preschoolers Curriculum

As a parent, it is my job not only to my kids how to count to ten and sing their ABC’s, but more importantly to teach my child:

  • how to learn
  • how to pray
  • how to be worth honor
  • how to have dignity
  • how to love others
  • and how to express all the Characteristics Christ wants us to have


When one thinks of the ever-popular Proverbs 31 Woman

one often thinks of the perfect wife or the perfect mother. There are many blogs out there that either strongly argue one should become a Proverbs 31 woman, or one should not: here, here, or here. So why then have I written a curriculum  Proverbs 31 for Preschoolers?

Proverbs 31 is about the self. Not the husband. Not the children. Just, herself.

Three verses, of thirty one total, refer to the husband. Two verses discuss how she treats her family. One verse refers to the children.

Ten verses are about how hard she works and what she does with her time. Six refer to how she behaves, composes, and handles herself.

Sixteen of thirty one verses are about herself, where as only six are about others she loves. We can teach our children, now, how to become the best “selfs” they can be so when they have the opportunity to care for others, they are in a position to do so. Their own children will one day call them blessed, and they will bring good, not harm, to their husbands for all days.


The foundation starts now.

proverbs31curriculumLinks to Every Week of Curriculum!

We introduced our study 13 weeks ago week briefly recapping the Proverbs 31’s introduction.

We started a curriculum, with resources, to help parents teach children in WEEK ONE that they are worth more than rubies (31:10). We discovered that we don’t have to be perfect nor teach our children to be perfect. All we have to do is be the best we can be and model the best we can do for our babies. We have to revolve our lives around Jesus. He is perfect.

We followed the initial teaching of value with activities to encourage babies to be confident, respectful, and good (31:11-12) in WEEK TWO and then moved toward our Proverbs 31:13 Eager as a Beaver week in WEEK THREE. Once our children are aware it is okay and encouraged to be eager every single day of their lives, the introduction of WEEK FOUR to work ethic in Proverbs 31:14 made sense. Creating value and work ethic in infancy by responding to an infant’s immediate cry sets our babies up for success. Teaching our preschoolers work ethic begins the success.


In WEEK FIVE, we read that it is important as parents that our children are aware women and men are both equally valuable (Proverbs 31:15), and understand that everyone has a role in the homestead of equal importance. Speaking of roles in the homestead, it is a-okay for both men and women to work and invest in their family (Proverbs WEEK SIX 31:16), and no one, should be exempt. Investment comes in many forms. Parents, did you remind your babies in WEEK SEVEN how strong they are? Our lads, and our ladies are so strong, and Proverbs 31:17 reminds us how critical it is children know it!

WEEK EIGHT helps our babies discover that Godly women work. And work. And work. Doing something. It doesn’t matter what. They don’t have to be creative. They don’t have to sing. They don’t have to be handy. They just have to not be lazy. In addition to working early in the morning and diligently all day long, also work deep into the night (Proverbs 31: 18, 19).

We added to their character building in WEEK 9 coaching them into giving. After working and working and working the most sacred thing our kiddos can be taught is to give. The greatest thing we can do with what we work for is to give back and give our earnings.




Next we showed and modeled for our children. Instead of teaching them to do something…. we as parents are showing our babies that we are working just as hard. They can rely on us. They can trust us. We answer to their needs. We jump when they fall. We love with open hearts. They’ll learn in WEEK TEN¬† We prepare for them. We, as men and women of Christ, prepare. We used our preparations to show that we should fear nothing. Because we prepare, our children will always be clothed and ready (Proverbs 31: 22,24,25) in WEEK ELEVEN.

And then in WEEK 12 we spent time observing and learning How A 2-year-old Prays (or any age child – your child) in Proverbs 31:23.

prayer jar blog

Proverbs WEEK THIRTEEN 31:24 was all about finding the artist in you. WEEK FOURTEEN developed Confidence in Proverbs 31:25.

WEEK FIFTEEN quite frankly has been the most important week of all 19 weeks at all. Week 15 concentrated on finding the Beauty of God’s Undying Grace in Proverbs 31: 26. And then in our third to final week, WEEK SIXTEEN, we concentrated on resisting laziness (Proverbs 31: 27), followed by discussing how each of us have the power and ability to be more than noble and blessed (Proverbs WEEK SEVENTEEN 31: 28,29).

Nearing the end in WEEK EIGHTEEN, FEARING THE LORD,is in my opinion, the greatest verse there is.

And in the final week, WEEK NINETEEN Proverbs 31:31, we discussed how amazing it felt to be cherished.



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  1. Jen Schneider

    This is wonderful! I look forward to sharing this with my children! Thank you!

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      I’m super excited you love it!

  2. Patty

    I like that you point out that it is important to model this characteristics for your children! Charles Spurgeon once said, “Train up a child in the way he should go- but be sure you go that way yourself.” Everything we want our children to learn we should first be living out ourselves.

    Love the Proverbs 31 woman! I love to study and write about her as well!

    1. (Post author)

      Yes, I feel like the golden ticket, “Actions speak louder than words” is so true… but even more impressionable to small children.


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