The Lesson No Sew Bows Taught My Preschooler About Frustration

All About No Sew Bows

These fashionable, cheap, and simple little bows are all the rave on the ever-growing Pinterest feeds these days. There are tons of tutorials on how to make them (hint: use hot glue! no fabric glue or mod podge; you’ll have a royal mess!) Kara, my two-and-a-half year old spent a morning making these bows, which could have been done much more quickly alone (for what its worth). Never the less, Kara had fun cutting… as she said, “cut perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfectly mommy.”

fabricbows pinterest

What I soon learned though, is that these adorable little no sew bows were seriously



my baby girl. Rather than not allow her to participate, it became the perfect teaching opportunity. The third week of our Proverbs study was all about working hard. Being a busy little bee making tons of no sew little bows just made sense (and hey! Kara now knows the letter B!).


Kara is one determined child, let me tell you! She does not easily give up the scissors because they “not working momma.” She doesn’t give up when “lid not fit momma.” And she certainly didn’t stop squeezing the trigger on the hot glue gun when “glue stay still momma.” She quickly learned

she could ask for suggestions, rest for a bit, and return to the same problem again and again. There was no rush for perfection.


Granted, this process was grueling for me. Quite frankly, these are 2 minute bows, including prep applications and dry time. But for the benefit of my two year old, it basically took us all morning to make six.


Wanna know the best part? When her daddy walked in from work that afternoon, he was the first one to see her prized passion! She handed him one with the biggest, proudest, beaming face…..EVER!




Hover over the video below for a step by step slideshow.fabricbows-vid


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