How To Make the 3 Most Perfect Goop in the World

These are my all time favorite goopy messes to date. They explore senses and smells and ignite the imagination! Love love love them!! Please share with me your absolute favorite recipes yourself! I would love to try them all out!



4 oz. white (or clear) Elmers Glue (We used white)
1 tsp. borax

This glop is best for children who do not put things in their mouths, as it contains BORAX. It creates more of a thicker, harder, silly putty type texture than the Oobleck. If my child were older, I would allow her to play with it in the car. But, for now, I allow her to play with it freely at her art table or with supervision on the couch. It is thicker and maintains its consistency moreso than playdoh (that tends to jiblet or be easily rubbed into clothing). && it maintains well in a plastic bag. We’ve had ours bagged for three weeks and it still works amazing!



Gloppity Glop


Corn Starch
Food Coloring

This glop is fantastic. I absolutely adore it. It is a solid or a liquid depending on how you use it and what you do with it. It is completely customizable, which I also adore.

Fun Dirt {Clean Messes}!


toilet paper
ivory soap
cheese shredder (we use just for soap)
crayola finger paints

Fantastic sums it up! It’s moldable, shapeable, squishy, textured, soft, and pliable. Solid. LOVE it. It truly is the best habitat ever!

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