Week 11 Proverbs 31 22,24,25: Clothed With Strength and Dignity

Proverbs can move mountains! Want to make a difference? Be the difference! They always say if there is a topic you want to read about, go to the Bible. Porn? Bible. Good deeds? Bible. Heros? Bible. Murder? Bible. In this chapter, men learn how to be Godly men and Godly women. Learn how to be Confident, and teach your children confidence.


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  • Wash and Make Bed
  • Fabric Scrap Glass Refrigerator Magnets
  • Tonight’s Discussion: Why should we make sure our beds are clean and make them up every day? Do clean sheets make you feel warm and comfortable? Do you feel strong in the morning when you wake up? We must begin learning what our chores and responsibilities are in our homes, and one of yours is to make your bed and take your sheets off so we can wash them. Its called responsibility.


  • Chore Jar for Earning Extra Money
  • Week 11 Proverbs Coloring Printable
  • Tonight’s Discussion: What is money? What can we do with money? Do you want to add money to your spend save give banks we made last week? How can we do that? We need to make a chore jar so that whenever you need more money for church, friends, your future, or an item at the store you can work for it and invest that money back into your needs.


  • Fabric Scrap Bead Necklaces
  • Fabric Scrap Cardboard Box Picture Mats
  • Tonight’s Discussion: Why would we make something that uses scraps? Why can we not throw our scraps in the trash? What supplies do people use who can’t afford new things? Do they use scraps? We can recycle, and we can also reuse. That is why we went through our fabric scraps making projects today. We can add our glass fabric scrap refrigerator magnets to our Christmas basket for our special someone!fabricbows16


  • Paper and Fabric Scrap Turkey
  • Tonight’s Discussion: Thanksgiving and Fall are coming up! Why do we decorate our home to be pretty and festive? Why are we using scraps? Do you remember from yesterday?




Is anyone joining us on our FACEBOOK page? Please do! Lets us know if you are studying proverbs with us! We have 14 more weeks of activities left!


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