What Kind of Mother Am I?

Oh me, oh my! Let’s chat 🙂 Before I became a parent, I was totally unprepared for one certain thing…

When I was pregnant, I was given mounds upon mounds of advice. Love her, always love her. Rock her. Cuddle her. She won’t stay young forever, treasure it while you can. Sleep now; you won’t later! Schedule date nights; soon enough, you won’t get any! Be pampered; in just a few months, you’ll settle for a shower. Enjoy her while she is tiny; when she starts walking, she won’t stop moving! Get ready, your life is about to change.

It’s true, my life change…. big time, for the better! I’m happy. I don’t miss the sleep I used to get (most of the time), we still schedule date nights (because we make each other a priority), I still get showers (because my fiancé loves me and makes absolutely positive that I get them), she’s walking and I LOVE IT!

My life did change, really really really slowly. Man, that was a long 30 hours! But, you know what I wasn’t prepared for? The categorizing and labeling; my goodness mamas, what are we doing!

I don’t fit a category of mama. But, I’m a damn good one! I know that with confidence.

I babywear; I stroller push.
I essential oil; I medicate.
I breastfeed; I table-feed.
I breastfeed; I formula-feed.
I teach; I listen.
I sign; I talk.
I vaccinate; I delay shots.
I answer every cry; I like self soothers.
I co-slept; she crib sleeps.
I montessouri; I messy play.
I teach Jesus; I miss services.
I’ve worked full time. I’ve stayed at home.
I playdate; I babysit.
I busy bag; I television.
I dance party; I iPhone.
I read; I swim.
Ultimately, I do what is best for my child.

And for me, that works. I don’t need a label, don’t need a title. It just works for me to be that way. So, I welcome you to join us! Join us for fun independent child-paced games and activities, messy art that will blow their mind (and yours), printables that will keep you busy for hours! Learn tips with us on being better “mom-togs” because we all love to have beautiful images of our children, and explore your imagination with your child!



  1. Ashey

    I believe she is right. During the teen years our crhdlien need us more than ever and in a very different way. When they are small they need us to teach them everything, when they reach the tweens they need us

    1. freshlymessy (Post author)

      Boy do they need us. Its the absolute best kind of need in the world though.

  2. Clarisa

    Omg I LOVE THIS!
    I’ve always felt this way about not fitting into a category. Example: I don’t baby-wear because my son hated it. But I fully support baby wearing. I however don’t support baby wearers to judge me for not doing it. I think mothers are too judgmental (myself included at times). It takes a village to raise a child. Parents, teachers, community, church… We need to stop beating each other down.

    This is the first time visiting your blog. Im super exciting to keep reading!!


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