Worth A Read #3

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I’ve decided to take part in a sharing Saturday blog feature that we have apparently dubbed Worth a Read! This is the third week of Worth a Read’s, and my first week participating. Some of my tribe… my group of go-to’s…. my blogging lovers for life kinda girls (well, right now we’re all girls), my writing BFF’s…. we have decided to do this together writing about one another. ┬áSomething fun to shout out to one another on the weekends. And, I’d like to share with you all my favorite posts from them, current or past, they’ve posted. But first, since all of you reading this are stay at home moms who either have kids too young for school or are currently home schooling… I want to share this video with you.


So if you can give me less than 4 minutes of your time

I’d like you to watch this video and enjoy your day!



And now onto the reads!

STEAM Rainbow Science at The Art Kit Blog
Momma Confessions at As Told By Amy
A Look At 153 Days of Writing at I Am Zoe Watson

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